About Us
About Pulaski County Fire Commission

The Pulaski County Fire Commission was formed in 1981.  The Insurance Premium
Tax that is collected in Pulaski County funds the Commission.  Pulaski County Fire
Commission was set up to be the liaison between the Fiscal Court and the Fire
Departments. The Pulaski County Fire Commission meets once a month on the third
Monday night at 7:30pm at the Hal Rogers Fire Training Center.  Each department
has a representative that has voting rights at these meetings.
We have a 14 acre training facility with 5 building the main building is a training
building the 2nd building in the maintenance building for the county's fire trucks 3rd
is a storage building 4th is the newest building it is classrooms for training and the
5th is a training tower for high angle training. We also host our own fire school in
the spring every year
Our program in compiled of 16 fire departments, 10 substations, 2 Rescue Squad
stations, And a Special Response Team/ Hazmat.
At the Hal Rogers Fire Training center we have 7 Employees  a fire coridnator/
public safety officer, 1 full time secretary, 2 part time secretary, and 3 mechanics.
We have our own maintenance shop to keep our fire trucks in shape